Frequently Asked Questions
When should I purchase my event, will the QR code expire if I purchase it too early?

You can purchase your event as far in advance as you like. When an event is purchased it generates a unique QR code for your event. This QR code never expires. We'd advise purchasing in advance so you can get the QR code printed and readily available for your guests to scan, but you can create an event on the day of an event or even in the middle of an event if you want to. It only takes a few seconds to setup and you're ready to go.

Will my guests be able to upload photos after the event?

Yes, when you create your event you set the event date. The upload page for your event opens 2 days prior to your event date, at midnight (UTC time zone). Your upload page then remains open for a full year after the event date. So your guests will have plenty of time to upload photos after the event and you can share the link via social media to try and collect as many photos as possible from those who didn't manage to upload them on the day.

Can my guests upload short videos?

No, not at the moment. We don’t accept video because a video file can be any length, a few seconds through to several hours or even longer.

One of EventsAlbum’s key aims is to make life as simple as possible for your guests so you get as many photos as possible. Our approach to this is to ensure no one needs to download a specific app and the process to upload should be quick and above all simple.

However, not having an app means that if we accepted video uploads, we can't compress the video from it's raw form before it's uploaded. Meaning even short videos take a very long time to upload and would use a lot of data. This would be a pretty terrible experience for your guests.

If you think about WhatsApp, Facebook or other apps, these all process the video on your device before uploading. They can only do this because they have the app running on your device.

We're always looking at new and innovative ways we may be able to incorporate videos into our service, without detracting from the main aims. We have contemplated creating an optional app which can be used specifically for video, however at this point it hasn’t progressed beyond just being an idea.

How does the process work?

If you'd like to see how it all works and how simple it is for your guests, we'd recommend setting up a free demo event. A demo event has all the features of a full event but is limited to 24 hours and a maximum of 20 photo uploads. It will allow you to understand the process and see just how easy it is for your guests.

If you have any further queries then please don't hestitate to get in touch on