Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions of SynEngin Limited (company number 11221049) trading as EventsAlbum, and hereafter referred to as EventsAlbum.

  1. In these Terms, You/Yourself etc means the person, firm or entity entering into a contract with EventsAlbum for the uploading and display of photographs in connection with the Event You are holding.
  2. By completing the registration process and creating an account, You are confirming your agreement to be bound by these Terms.
  3. The Services provided by EventsAlbum pursuant to these Terms include the provision of a platform on its server for the uploading of photographs, to which You are granted full access and ownership during the Term.
  4. Full payment for the Services shall be made by You via Paddle at the time of creation of the Event. All costings, prices and any discounts available (if any) are set out on the EventsAlbum website.

  5. Obligations on You throughout the Term include: -
    • 5.1 You shall at all times obtain the consent from any third-party users to whom you provide access to the platform, ensuring at all times that they own the photographs that are uploaded.
    • 5.2 You confirm that no further third-party permissions, licenses of consents are required to upload the photographs or, if they are, that such consents have been obtained.
    • 5.3 You confirm that You have permission to upload the photographs.
    • 5.4 You confirm that You have ensured that all photographs and material uploaded is appropriate and does not, and could not reasonably be expected to offend public morals.
    • 5.5 You confirm that You have obtained the consent, if appropriate, of any and all third parties for displaying or publishing the photographs through a Gallery for the purposes of these Terms Gallery shall mean a rolling display of all photographs for the particular Event, as submitted by third-party users and uploaded to the platform.

  6. Obligations of EventsAlbum
    • 6.1 EventsAlbum shall maintain the access and site for 12 months from the date of the Event (“the Term”) unless requested by You otherwise. EventsAlbum shall automatically delete all photographs retained by it at the end of the Term, being the 12-month anniversary of the date of Your Event.
    • 6.2 EventsAlbum shall at all times, both during the Term and for an unlimited time thereafter, maintain strict confidentiality concerning all photographs and material uploaded and shall not grant access to any person or entity other than Yourself during the term or thereafter, unless required to do so by any court or other competent body.
    • 6.3 EventsAlbum shall ensure that all persons uploading photographs have been made aware that their photographs will be provided to You and ownership will pass to You.

  7. Limitation of Liability
    • 7.1 EventsAlbum accepts no liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential loss resulting from the use by You of the access and platform herein and the Services. Nothing in these Terms however shall limit EventsAlbum’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence.
    • 7.2 You agree at all times that any material and or data uploaded by your participants/guests is done so entirely at their own risk and You are solely responsible for the consequences for downloading any such material.

  8. Indemnity
    • 8.1 You agree to fully indemnify EventsAlbum for any breach of these Terms and in particular for any costs, expenses, claims or losses in connection with any third-party claim arising from the uploading or publication of the photographs.

  9. Notices
    • 9.1 Any Notice to be served on or by either You or EventsAlbum, shall be sent by email to the email address provided by either party.

  10. Jurisdiction
    • 10.1 The parties hereby agree that these Terms shall be construed under the Laws of England and the parties agreed to the Jurisdiction of the English Courts.

  11. Third-Party
    • 11.1 No third-party shall have any rights under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties Act 1999) to enforce any of these Terms.

  12. Refunds
    • 12.1 You may request a full refund within 14 days of purchase if you change your mind and have not used our service (the event date has not passed and there have been no photos uploaded to your event). Please contact us at hello@eventsalbum.com to request a refund.
    • 12.2 We stand behind our product and your satisfaction with it is important to us. However, once our service has been used we generally offer no refunds. Refund requests after the service has been used (after the event date or once photos have been uploaded to your event) are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Please email us at hello@eventsalbum.com with your reasons for requesting a refund and we will look into your individual case.