Affiliate Program

Earn cash by directing traffic to our site. Any sales that come from your traffic will earn you a 15% commission on the sale price

How to start earning:


Sign up to our program


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Feature EventsAlbum to your followers and clients


Earn commission on any sale generated from your link

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How does it work

  • Sign up to our program and we'll issue you a unique link
  • Feature EventsAlbum to your existing customers and followers via your website, email, blogs and social media
  • If someone clicks your link and hits our website we drop a cookie onto their device with a 90 expiry, highlighting you as the source of their traffic
  • If they create an account on our system in those 90 days you get linked permanently to their account.
  • Any purchases they make from then on you'll be entitled to a 15% commission on the purchase (before VAT).
  • The current commissions for each type of purchase, excluding any discounts, are:
    • Single Event: £3.75
    • Enterprise: £150
  • We'll pay any commissions on a monthly basis

Why Join our program

  • We use a 90 day cookie, anyone who signs up with us within 90 days of clicking your link will be credited to you
  • Once a user registers you are permanently linked to their account. This means you'll earn commission on any repeat business generated in the future
  • Track your clicks and sales using our dashboard to see how your link is performing
  • Get paid monthly