A picture says a thousand words. That’s because images are powerful. The right photograph can trigger a strong emotional connection. And it can also help businesses to make connections in their arena. If you’re not already harnessing the power of photography in your business, then you could be missing out. Here’s how photos can create lasting business connections for your brand: 

Photos Help Build Relationships

Many businesses will attend events or awards ceremonies to network and build relationships with their business partners or with other businesses in their sector. These events are a great place to make new connections. 

Research shows that business professionals prefer in-person meetings and networking events because they allow them to read body language and facial expressions, boost bonding opportunities, and ultimately build more meaningful business relationships. 

When you attend these in-person networking events, awards ceremonies, or corporate away days there is often a photographer. Photos from networking events or awards ceremonies are often shared on business social media platforms such as LinkedIn. This gives businesses an additional opportunity to reach out to their new contacts and to build new conversations that focus on trust, camaraderie and collaboration. In short, photos can help to build personal relationships that become valuable business relationships. 

Photos Are Great for PR 

If you are a B2C business, then photos are great for reaching out to your consumers, humanising your brand, and demonstrating your business's expertise. Photography is an incredibly important tool for a business, especially for PR purposes. Consumers are more likely to trust brands where they know what the team looks like, and where they can see brands engaging with other brands they know, use and trust. This is particularly important if your brand is relatively new and unknown, and needs to build online trust and online engagement. 

If you want to put out a press release about your brand or are regularly in contact with journalists and media outlets to promote your brand, you will also get high-quality images to support your story. Access to relevant imagery is important. 

When Hosting Events

If you are hosting a networking event, launch party, or any other kind of business shindig then it is important to keep photography at the forefront of your mind. Does your event space have lighting that is conducive to good photography? Do you have props, a background board, or other tools to encourage attendees to take photographs? How can your photography create those lasting business connections? 

One tool that you might wish to consider is EventsAlbum. Attendees scan a simple QR code and then upload their photos to the album for the event directly. This will encourage your business guests to share any photos of your event and effectively turn every attendee into an official event photographer. The best of these images can then be shared via social media, creating another social and networking link and building valuable business relationships. 

Why not find out more about how EventsAlbum could work for you? Try a demo today.


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