Your wedding day is the happiest day in your life and yet it flashes by in a blur. Afterwards, you’ll remember the happiness you felt on the day but not the smaller details, like what appetisers you ate or what dress your best friend was wearing. 

It’s a lot of fun to take time out of your schedule every now and then to look over your wedding photos. And looking at your wedding photos can invoke profound feelings of joy and happiness. But why do photos of your wedding give you such a dopamine hit? Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding Dopamine

Dopamine is a word that is frequently used but often misunderstood. Scientists used to believe that dopamine was a pleasure chemical. But in reality, dopamine is a chemical that creates want. Dopamine causes humans to seek, desire, and search and the pull of dopamine which is why it is often associated with addictive behaviours. Because dopamine is a chemical messenger, in many situations it drives you towards positive outcomes and prevents you from following a negative outcome.

Your brain stimulates the release of dopamine when you see a photograph of someone you love. And what better example of this than your wedding photos? 

The Benefits of Looking at Wedding Photos

The interplay between dopamine, nostalgia and visuals means that looking at wedding photos can invoke profound feelings of happiness and joy. This is important because it is something that many brides and grooms struggle to experience in the months following their wedding. 

Post-wedding blues are a real and relatively common phenomenon. Research suggests that as many as 12 percent of new brides experienced meaningful or clinical levels of depression six months after their wedding. 

But looking at your wedding photos can help you to re live that happy day and release the dopamine that can overcome low levels of sadness or depression. Many wedding photos can take months to edit and return wedding photos to happy newlyweds. But services such as EventsAlbum can help to ensure you have access to as many wedding photos as possible, as soon as possible. 

EventsAlbum is a great way to share photos with wedding guests, both during and after the event without any delays. It will also showcase your wedding day from a whole new perspective as you will be able to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. Try a demo today.

The Importance of Nostalgia

Marriage isn’t always easy. Raising a family can be complicated and time-consuming, giving many couples little time to spend together. Sharing memories, nostalgia, and reminiscing about the happy day you chose to start your life together can invoke feelings of happiness and make you feel much closer as a couple. Looking at your wedding photos brings back memories of the love and promise of your wedding day, and this can play an incredibly important role in evoking feelings of happiness. What’s more, looking at photos where you feel beautiful and feel your spouse looked at their most attractive has also been shown to play a role in rekindling romance. 



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