Event photo sharing apps are soaring in popularity. They are a great way to record or capture the spirit of an event and can even help to build a sense of community and camaraderie amongst event attendees. 

Events and event marketing is big business. In fact, the global event industry was worth approximately 890 billion U.S. Dollars in 2020 with that figure expected to grow into trillions by 2028. 

Here’s what you need to know about the world of event photo sharing apps. 

Benefits for Events

According to Exhibition News, event photo sharing apps have been found to be the most important technology feature for the exhibition and events industry.  They provide an easy and simple digital solution to the problem of encouraging attendees to share photos of the events they are attending, and also provide a point of contact and a shared connection between event attendees. 

Event photo sharing apps can enhance your event, and can build more meaningful connections between both attendees and brands. Attendees can be encouraged to engage with each other's photos through liking, commenting, and sharing building relationships. Savvy brands can also jump on board and use this as an opportunity to engage with and build rapport with their brands too. 

You can use a public photosharing app such as Instagram or opt for something more private and secure such as EventsAlbum. 

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re planning. Whether it’s a formal conference, a trade show, a consumer show, or even a more casual party or product launch. Event photography is vitally important in our increasingly visual world and you can utilise your audience, making them a part of growing your database of images from the event. 

Top Features

Some of the key features that make photo sharing apps so valuable include 

  • Free to access. Most event photo sharing apps are free for event attendees to access so that there are no barriers to their sharing. 
  • Privacy settings. Though many event photo sharing apps are public for sensitive events you can choose to opt for an app with tighter privacy controls for the comfort and security of your guests. 
  • An integral events marketing tool. Event photo sharing apps allow attendees to capture and share their experiences instantly. 
  • Measuring user engagement and experience. You can immediately discover if your attendees are happy with your event or not. This then gives you a chance to rectify this immediately: if some attendees are complaining about the queue at the bar, for example, you can deploy more staff to the bar and get the queue moving. 

User Stories

We’re not just saying that event photo sharing apps are valuable. There is real-world evidence that they can completely revolutionise your event. 

Enormous brands such as Coca-Cola and Ikea are using photo sharing apps and hashtags to reach their audiences. Coca-Cola is sponsoring both music and sporting events and using these to share photos from their users, with the incentive of potentially sharing their users’ content with millions of people around the world. 

Smaller brands are using these same techniques. Others are being innovative, introducing photo booths and photo stands to their events. The possibilities are endless and the potential rewards are enormous. 


If you’re an events planner, you really should consider using an events photo sharing app. They are easy to implement, affordable, and a great way to build a relationship with each of your attendees in a way that would be otherwise impossible to achieve. Try a free demo today.

Photo sharing apps are changing the world, and they have the potential to change the events world too. 

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