There’s nothing more exciting or heartwarming than gathering all your friends and family members together for a special event. But one photo shared with the wrong person at the wrong time can make those special events feel a little less special: that’s why photo sharing etiquette is so important. 

But photo etiquette can also be a minefield with different events having different rules. To help, here is a brief list of photo sharing dos and don’ts: 

Dos and Don’ts for Guests 

DO ask for permission before sharing photos. This is particularly important at events like weddings and christenings. Many couples prefer to wait until they have received the photos from their professional photographer before their guests can share their own photos. 

DON’T share potentially embarrassing photos. If you’ve got any pictures of guests gone wild or anything that might make someone embarrassed or uncomfortable then keep it to yourself. 

DO edit yourself. It can be tempting to share every photo you take but bombarding your friends and family with too many photos can be overwhelming. Edit yourself and only share a highlights reel. 

DON’T take or share any images of children that aren’t your own. Sharing pictures of children is a minefield best avoided and only a child’s parents can decide whether their image can be shared on social media or not. 

Event Organiser Etiquette

Event organisers can manage any hurt feelings and misunderstandings by clearly stating the photo sharing rules and etiquette that they will be following, in advance. 

If you don’t want anyone to post your wedding photos on social media before you do, for example, then you should state this clearly on your wedding invitations or on arrival. People aren’t mind readers and won’t know what you want if you don’t tell them! 

There may also be parts of your event you don’t want photographing at all. Some parents choose not to take photos inside the church at a christening, for example. Again, clear communication is the best way to manage this. Let people know what your expectations are in advance. 

Why not consider using a service such as EventsAlbum? This is an online album where your guests can easily share all their photos from your event via a QR code. No download or login required! It means that your guests can share their photos as they’re taking them, but you are able to see every photo and control if and when you choose to share it. 

Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes people make when taking photos at an event are sharing photos without permission, and sharing them too soon. Both mistakes are easily avoided. 

If you are taking pictures of other people, then ask their permission before you share them online. And ensure that the event organiser is happy for you to share your photos, particularly if you plan to share them on social media. 

There's always a chance that feelings could get hurt when someone sees posts from an event they weren’t invited to, so think carefully before you share and if in doubt, don’t! 


No matter what type of event you are planning, whether an elaborate wedding or a simple birthday, it's important to consider how you will share photos of your special event. You can promote responsible and respectful photo sharing practices in advance by being as clear and straightforward as possible with your guests. And as an event guest, you should understand what your event organiser needs and think before you share!

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