Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. And while it will pass too quickly and your memories will soon blur, the photographs of your day are memories you can treasure forever. 

The more photos you can have of your wedding day the better. This includes both the photos taken by your photographer and those taken by your guests. And that’s why it’s so important to transform your wedding with a photo sharing app! 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Choosing the Right App 

Photo sharing apps allow your guests to share photos from your wedding day with you quickly and easily. This is a fast-exploding trend. You can share your photos using social media, Google, or with an app such as EventsAlbum, Guestpix, or Wedibox. 

While there are a lot of photo sharing apps on the market we believe the best of these is EventsAlbum.

EventsAlbum is an online album where your guests can easily share all their photos from your event. You set up the event, create a QR code and link to your album and then you can see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. It’s a wonderful way to get a unique perspective on your wedding day. 

Sharing Moments 

Photo sharing apps allow your wedding guests to share their photos seamlessly. They don’t even have to wait until after the event to share (when they might forget, get busy or even lose interest), they can simply scan a QR code and share there and then. This allows guests to really be in the moment and means they’re more likely to share photos that you would never otherwise see. 

We recommend printing your photo sharing QR code and displaying it prominently across your wedding venue (perhaps on your table numbers or at each place setting) so that you reach as many guests as possible. You could also pre-prepare your guests by including the QR code in your wedding invitations or on your wedding website. 

Creating Lasting Memories

Keeping and storing your wedding memories is hugely important. Your wedding photos tell the story of your special day and help you preserve the small details of a day that feels like it flashes by in an instant and notice key elements that you've missed. Marriage can be hard, but in those difficult moments your wedding photos are a permanent and physical reminder of why you’re still together, and why you continue to work on your marriage. 

Your wedding photos will also become a lasting heirloom, something that you can share with future generations of your family even after you’re gone. By preserving photos taken by all of your wedding guests you are preserving a wider range of memories. 

As an added bonus? Great photos can make great gifts, so pop those brilliant forgotten snaps in a frame and gift them to a loved one. 


Photo sharing apps are valuable for a wide range of different events but they are particularly important for weddings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re throwing a big wedding party or hosting a small event. The more photos from as many different perspectives you can gather the better. Don’t forget to include a photo sharing app on your special day. 

Try a demo with EventsAlbum today!

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